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In the event of a pet emergency or animal control question or if you are interested in adopting, fostering or rescuing, please call 951-358-7387. Potential adopters, fosters or rescues can also send an email to shelterinfo@rivco.org. Unable to adopt or foster?  You can help by making a donation through our Amazon wish list!


Riverside County Department of Animal Services (RCDAS) is open for essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is the information you need to know:

  • We have temporarily suspended walk-in access at our facilities in an effort to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently doing appointment-based scheduling for people interested in fostering or adoption. 
  • For adoptions, please call (951) 358-7387 to make an appointment.
  • For fostering, please visit our foster page to fill out an online application HERE.  

Non-essential services are suspended at this time, to protect your health and safety and in order to reduce the number of pets and people coming into RCDAS’ shelters. 

  • If you need to license your pet, please use our online services. In-person licensing is not available at this time. 
  • If you find a stray pet, please hold the pet if you can to give the owner time to locate their lost pet and to reduce the number of pets entering our shelters. Report the lost pet on Pet Harbor at www.petharbor.com. Post the lost pet on many different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Nextdoor, and any other resources available so that an owner may see them. If you cannot hold the pet, please call (951) 358-7387. 
  • If you find kittens, please leave them alone unless they are sick, injured or in immediate danger. Find out why.
  • If you need to relinquish a pet, RCDAS has suspended owner intakes through field officers. RCDAS is only accepting emergency intakes at this time. There are many resources available to assist you in rehoming your pet. Post your pet on available social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Nextdoor. By helping to rehome your own pet, you are ensuring your pet’s safety and the continued safety of the pets who enter the shelter.
  • RCDAS has suspended community cat trap-neuter-return and vaccination clinics. 

You can help! Right now, we need the following:

  • Foster caregivers to take pets and help us find them permanent homes or hold them through this immediate crisis period. Fill out an online application HERE
  • Adopters – call (951) 358-7387
  • Unable to adopt or foster?  You can help by making a donation through our Amazon wish list!

Donations – can go to the ASK Foundation. Your donations can help us to purchase critically needed supplies, help pets with special needs, provide resources for foster caregivers or persons needing assistance in our communities, and more

What you need to know about 2019 Novel Coronavirus
Interested in volunteering?

There are so many great reasons to volunteer. Meet new people, experience the satisfaction of community service, develop new skills, and acquire work experience for future endeavors.

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Pets featured on our web page are available for adoption on a first come first served basis.

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Have you lost your best friend? He's looking for you. Check here to view lost pets in our shelter.

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RCDAS offers three options to purchase or renew your pet license.

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If your pet was microchipped through the RCDAS, your pet has an AVID microchip.

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Spaying and neutering are vitally important in helping reduce pet overpopulation.

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Your dog will need a series of vaccinations for protection from often fatal diseases.

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Need shelter info outside of our coverage area but you aren't sure where to go? Go here.

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We are looking for volunteers to join our Cat Care Team. Help us build our volunteer base.

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Your donation will positively improve the welfare of all of our shelter animals.

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RCDAS COVID-19 Related Notices

COVID-19 and Pets: What you need to know

What is COVID-19?

This is a newly identified virus in the corona virus group. It is closely related to a couple of other corona virus outbreaks we have seen recently; namely SARS and MERS. COVID-19 is more distantly related to the other corona viruses most familiar to pet owners. Those are the virus which causes Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and the Canine Coronavirus (CCoV) which causes digestive tract disease in dogs.

Can pets be infected with corona virus?

Most recent research has identified COVID-19 infections in cats, ferrets and tigers at the Bronx Zoo. At this time, it is not thought that infected cats are a significant risk factor for human disease while the tigers at the zoo appear to have been infected from a pre-symptomatic caretaker. Dogs have not been identified as infected or carriers of the virus. It is very early in the disease cycle and more research is needed to understand this virus.

Can people become infected from dogs and cats?

At this time there is no evidence that dogs can transmit this disease to humans. Although cats can be infected the risk from house cats seems to be very low. It is possible that pets, as with door handles and other objects, can act as fomites and carry virus on their fur for short periods of time but the pet would need to have had very close contact with an infected person for this to occur. Person to person contact is the most significant way the virus is spread in society.

If my pet shows signs of illness, such as coughing, sneezing and fever should I have it tested?

Current expert understanding is that COVID-19 is primarily transmitted person-to-person. This supports a recommendation against testing of domestic animals, except by official order. If domestic animals, including dogs or cats, present with respiratory or gastrointestinal signs, veterinarians should test for the more common pathogens and conditions.

What about COVID-19 and bowel movements?

Experimental exposure to corona virus in cats has identified virus in feces but the data is limited at this time. Owners should use caution and wear gloves when cleaning the litterbox and avoid any direct contact with the litterbox contents. Remember you can be exposed to other pathogens, such as toxoplasmosis, when cleaning the box.

Can I give my dog a bath?

Generally speaking, yes. There is no reason to think that domestic animals, including pets, in the United States might be a source of infection with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Can my dog play with other dogs?

If you are referring to dog parks and such... No, YOU are supposed to be staying home and keeping a safe, social distance from other people.

What should I do with my pet if I have been potentially exposed to this corona virus or have become ill with symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath)?

Let’s look at the first situation. At this point there is no real concern for your pet, but you should consider wearing a face mask and avoiding direct contact with your pet. The same precautions you would have around other people. But, as a responsible pet owner, you should have a back- up plan for animal care should you become ill yourself; enough pet food and someone you can count on to provide care if you become too ill yourself.

In the event you become physically ill with COVID-19 symptoms, this is when your back-up plan takes effect. A trusted family member or friend should be called upon to render assistance. While avoiding direct contact with the pet for the first few days, this person should provide board and care for your pet. And remember however, that the probability of anyone contracting the virus from any pet is absolutely minimal.
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There are so many great reasons to volunteer. Meet new people, help the animals and acquire work experience for future endeavors.

Interested in becoming a foster parent volunteer? RCDAS saves more than 2,000 animals each year through our Foster Care.

A system developed to perform animal rescue within Riverside County during times of disaster or extraordinary emergencies.


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