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Registered Veterinary Technician

Bargaining Unit: Inspections & Technical
Class Code: 73501
Salary: $17.93 - $28.18 Hourly
$3,108.11 - $4,884.31 Monthly
$37,297.31 - $58,611.70 Annually

Job Description:

Examples of Essential Duties:

  • Assists the Veterinary Surgeon by handling animals in the administration of physical examinations to determine surgical fitness of animals.
  • Prepares instruments and medical supplies for Veterinarian's use; prepares animals for sterilization surgery; and assists with anesthesia procedures.
  • Provides the Veterinary Surgeon with any supplies he/she may need during the sterilization surgery of animals and provides support for any emergencies that might arise.
  • Monitors animals during surgery as needed; and observes animals after surgery to detect any abnormal behavior or physical symptoms and reports findings to the Veterinary Surgeon.
  • Cleans and prepares surgical packs and instruments to be sterilized before surgery; and provides general care for and feeds animals.
  • Under direction, renders first aid, medical treatments and therapy as required for hospitalized animals.
  • Assists with the admittance and discharge of animals to and from clinic.
  • Assists in training clinic personnel, and orders necessary materials and medications required by the Spay and Neuter Facility and Shelter.
  • Assists with filling prescriptions, and assists spay and neuter staff with daily operations.
  • Observes general shelter animal population for illness and/or injury.
  • Assists a Veterinarian in treating shelter animals, including a variety of exotic animals, and restrains and manages many different species.
  • Creates daily euthanasia list and may administer routine and/or emergency euthanasia to animals.

Recruiting Guidelines:

Experience: One year of paid or voluntary experience working in a kennel, veterinary or animal shelter facility is required.

Education: Possession of a valid certificate as a Registered Veterinary Technician issued by the California Veterinary Medical Board.

Knowledge of: Safe, humane and efficient methods for the care and treatment of small animals, particularly dogs and cats; Equipment and procedures used at a veterinary clinic; Physical and behavioral characteristics of small animals; Substances and methods used to clean and disinfect animal habitats.

Ability to: Care for small animals; recognize abnormal behavioral and physical symptoms in small animals; safely handle and maintain clinic medical instruments and equipment; Deal tactfully and effectively with the public; Maintain simple records and make reports as necessary.

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