Wednesday, 30 July 2014 20:00

A pregnant goat gave birth to two babies while riding inside one of our animal control trucks earlier today

The female, LaMancha dairy goat, was recovered near the Perris city boundary late this afternoon (Wednesday, July 30) near Lemon Avenue and Dunlap Drive. Riverside County Animal Control Officer Abel Buenrostro loaded the goat onto his truck and drove to the county's San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus in San Jacinto.

During the 25-minute ride, Momma must have been ready. When Officer Buenrostro arrived, he opened the compartment door and almost did a double take. Or more like a triple take.

One goat was now a trio of goats.

"I thought to myself, wow, this is crazy," the seven-year veteran officer said. "That's a first time for me a goat gave birth on my truck."

Buenrostro said he knew the goat was pregnant and loaded her gingerly onto his truck.

"I definitely knew -- I just didn't know how far along she was," he said. "I guess she was ready to go once we started driving."

He said he suspects the goat is likely an escape artist or somehow got loose from her rightful owner's property. He didn't suspect the goat was dumped. Her temperament is very gentle, he said.

"When I opened my truck compartment, she was such a sweetheart," Buenrostro said. "You could almost see it on her face: I've got my babies."

The county's Veterinary Services Division team members examined the goat and provided her a special, quiet location inside the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus' receiving area. A makeshift bed was made for her and her babies. If all appears well with her and her babies, they all will likely be relocated to the shelter's shaded barn area in the morning.

If an owner does not show up for his goats, the mom and babies could be available for adoption after the county's standard hold period.


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