Friday, 30 March 2018 17:59

Abused, Neglected & Dumped Dog Rescued by Officer

Pit Bull Mix Found with Severe Injury Near Murrieta

MARCH 30, 2018 – A Riverside County animal control officer retrieved an abandoned dog this week that was likely a victim of abuse.

The male, 3-year-old, pit bull mix was spotted by a concerned resident who reported seeing it “in the bushes,” on Hombre Lane, near Vista de Montanas in the unincorporated area known as La Cresta. It appeared that the dog had a broken leg, the woman said.

Officer David Harris of Riverside County Animal Services responded, but the injured dog was reluctant to come near him. It appeared the dog was nervous, possibly because of prior abuse, Harris said.

Not wanting to cause further injury to the dog, Officer Harris set a humane trap and the dog was captured on Thursday (March 29). “As it turns out, the dog is very sweet,” Officer Harris said. “His temperament is fairly amazing, considering the serious injury to his front right leg.”

Dr. Sara Strongin, a staff veterinarian, examined the dog and reported that he is in stable condition, but prescribed him with pain medications and antibiotics to provide him some level of comfort and treatment for an infection. “The dog does have a fracture,” Dr. Strongin said. “The injury appears very chronic and is likely several weeks old, and could have happened months earlier.”

Dr. Strongin said the limb had severe bone infection and will require amputation. Exactly how the injury occurred is uncertain, but Dr. Strongin said it’s severely disfigured, “mostly due to the prolonged neglect of an untreated fracture.”

Lt. John Stephens of the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus said the department would appreciate any tips from the public if anyone might know who owned the dog and caused its injuries. “It appears someone purposely abused this animal and we would pursue cruelty allegations if information comes forward to support such a case.” (Tips can be e-mailed to or called in at 951-358-7387.)

For now the dog will continued to receive care from the staff at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus and, ultimately, will be presented for adoption when it properly heals. It’s also possible the dog will be transferred to one of the department’s adoption partner rescue organizations.


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