Friday, 27 October 2017 05:12

Riverside County Animal Services responded to an emergency call for assistance to an active wildfire

Riverside County Animal Services responded on Thursday to an emergency call for assistance to an active wildfire in a southwest portion of the county.

A team of officers arrived at an incident command post shortly before midnight.

Earlier on Thursday, officers from Riverside County Animal Services traveled to the Wildomar Fire incident but were only there to observe and go into action if necessary.

It was not until later Thursday that the call for official assistance came.

So far, Riverside County is currently caring for eight horses and six dogs owned by residents in mandatory evacuation areas.

Animal control officers assisted with some evacuees' animals -- and some pet owners decided to transport their animals themselves.

Any resident in the evacuation zone of the Wildomar Fire can take pets -- dogs, cats, horses, pigs, etc. -- to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus (581 S. Grand Ave., San Jacinto, Calif.).

Info line: 951-358-7387.

There are no boarding fees for pet owners in the evacuation zone.

We are currently on scene with multiple animal control officers in the fire area -- staging in safe areas designated by Cal Fire officials. We also have volunteer members of our large-animal, emergency rescue unit present to help our officers, if necessary.

At a morning briefing, officials reported the fire at 700 acres with 15 percent containment.

So far, we have received only a handful of pets from the fire area. Our veterinary team members are caring for their needs. The animals include:

Eight horses, including a pony and a miniature horse

Six dogs

One cat


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