Monday, 24 July 2017 15:40

Cyclist, Trying to Flee Stray Dog, Hits Truck

Injured Man Taken to Hospital; Officer Impounds Dog

MONDAY, JULY 24, 2017 – A man suffered serious injuries Sunday evening after he tried to flee a stray dog that charged him as he rode his bike.

Nearby neighbors rendered aid to the man immediately after he crashed into a moving truck.

The incident happened shortly after 5 p.m. in a neighborhood east of downtown Riverside. The cyclist was riding in an alleyway between Grove Avenue and Forrest the stray dog chased him. The cyclist hit the side of the pickup that was being driven by a man along Cottage Street.

The pickup driver stopped right away and tried to assist the man too. Ultimately, emergency responders cared for the victim and he was transported to a local hospital.

A Riverside County Animal Services responded and found the roaming dog, a 2-year-old, female German shepherd. The dog was impounded at the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley.

Officer John Hergenreder knocked on doors and talked with residents about who might be the owner of the German shepherd. The investigation is ongoing.

Animal Services is seeking the public’s help in trying to find the owner of the dog. It is not microchipped and did not have a dog license tag. The number to call with information is 951-358-7387. Information can be shared via e-mail at

A resident in the area provided Animal Services a video clip from one of his surveillance cameras that included footage of the incident. That video clip is being provided to the media with this news release.



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