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Fontana Officer Saves Two Pets from Hot Car

A Chihuahua and Gray Cat Get Rescued, Vet Care

FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017 – A city of Fontana officer rescued two animals from an extremely hot car on Thursday.

Both pets – a black-and-tan Chihuahua and a gray, domestic short-haired cat – were rushed by the officer to a veterinary clinic. They both had elevated temperatures, but the veterinary team members provided the pair with treatment and they recovered.

Fontana animal control officer Evelyn Valverde responded to a location on Valley Boulevard on Thursday afternoon shortly before 4 p.m. When she arrived, she discovered the two pets inside a car. Temperatures inside the car registered at about 123 degrees. She used a tool to unlock the door to retrieve the pets.

She got the animals out and transported them immediately to a local clinic. The two animals recovered and Officer Valverde brought the pets to the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley this morning (Friday, July 7).

Later today, the presumed owners of the pets responded to the card left on the car by the officer. A couple told the officer that they are homeless and cannot care for the pets. The couple surrendered ownership of the pets. The cat, a 2-month-old female named Camellia, was with them for about two months. The dog was given to the pair by a friend about one month ago. It did not have a name. Its age was estimated at 1 year.

The dog’s ears appeared to have been trimmed or clipped with a pair of scissors in a somewhat barbaric manner. In light of the circumstances, Fontana’s officers requested that we hold the Chihuahua for a period that gives the former owner of the dog a chance to redeem their pet.

Fontana’s officers are continuing their investigation and will likely file cruelty charges with the San Bernardino District Attorney’s office.

If no one comes for the Chihuahua, Fontana Supervising Animal Control Officer Jamie Simmons said she was hopeful the two animals might get adopted or rescued as a pair. “They seem to get along very well,” Simmons said. “I know it’s not always possible, but it would be great if they could stay buddies for life.”


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