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Mary S. Roberts Surpasses Milestone

Nonprofit Pet Adoption Center Saves 1,000 Animals

THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 2017 – A nonprofit, pet adoption center marked its 1,000th pet rescue this month after its renewed partnership with Riverside County Animal Services.

The Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center, formerly known as the Riverside Humane Society, renewed its bond with the county in December 2015. Since that date, the center’s employees have transported hundreds of pets from the county’s Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter to its location at 6165 Industrial Ave. in Riverside.

“Mary S. Roberts’ leaders committed a much stronger bond than we had seen in past years and the efforts produced in this new era is absolutely amazing,” Animal Services Director Robert Miller said. “We have many rescue partners, but the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center team members are regular visitors at our shelter in Jurupa Valley.”

Prior to late 2015, Mary S. Roberts would average a handful of pet pickups per month. But under the direction of new Executive Director Carrie Ridgway, Mary S. Roberts now saves about 75 animals per month from the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley. The 1,000-pet plateau happened earlier this month (June 2017). But that number is now at 1,044 and counting.

“This partnership is a great one for the community,” Miller said. “Of course, our former, four-legged residents are the true winners, thanks to Mary S. Roberts.”

Director Carrie Ridgway of the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center takes the role of saving lives seriously and spearheaded the partnership between the nonprofit organization and the county shelter.

“It’s amazing to see what two agencies can do when they work together – putting animals first,” Ridgway said. “Riverside County Department of Animal Services has welcomed us. We are excited to see what is on the horizon for homeless pets in our community.”

Attached to this news release is a list of some recent success stories produced by the team at the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center. To learn more about this 100-year-old organization, visit their website


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