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Feline Stayed Atop Pole for About a Day

Riverside County Animal Services worked with a utility company on Tuesday morning to save a cat from an electric pole.

Ruth, a 9-month-old, tortie with bright green eyes, was seen atop its precarious perch for at least a day, the pet’s owner reported on social media. Ruth went missing on the night of Nov. 13 and the family posted a lost-cat flier on Facebook.

Animal Services responded to the pole, located on Arabia Street, between Kenner Avenue and Avenue 44. Officers contacted the Imperial Irrigation District, the agency that oversees maintenance and operations of the electric lines in some portions of the Coachella Valley, including Indio.

Animal Services Lt. Luis Rosa provided the Imperial Irrigation District workers with a large net moments before the workers used an aerial bucket to reach the cat. One of the workers placed the net underneath the cat as a safety measure as his colleague gently scooped Ruth toward his chest.

Heather Padilla updated her friends on Facebook. “Everyone: Ruth is down and safe. Thank you to the mayor, IID, the news stations, animal control and all of the community,” she wrote. “Currently, we have her at the animal hospital over by Jefferson (Street). I’m having her checked to make sure she is OK and to get fluids if she needs.”

Ms. Padilla posted a video of the rescue on Facebook; it can be found here:

It was possible Ruth was startled by dogs in the neighborhood. There were three dogs in properties just below the pole. Ms. Padilla told Animal Services that Ruth is generally an indoor cat only – but Ruth does like to explore sometimes. She said Ruth’s exploring days will be coming to abrupt halt.

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