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Burro Now Recovering; Heading to DonkeyLand

Riverside County animal control officers captured a burro that had been spotted with a piece of pipe on its front right hoof.

The male burro was captured on Saturday morning (Oct. 30) in a northern pocket of Riverside and transported to the SoCal Equine Hospital in Norco.

Once there, an equine veterinarian managed to remove the pipe and treated the burro for injuries. The pipe appeared to have cut the skin and caused minor bleeding.

Today the burro will be transported to a sanctuary operated by DonkeyLand, located in the Reche Canyon area between Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Residents started calling about the pipe burro last week and, despite multiple patrols, the burro could not be located. That is, until Saturday. That morning, Animal Services officers Ramon Rodriguez, Sean Fazio, Max Morales and Adam Haisten were able to corral the burro on a cul-de-sac off Blaine Avenue.

It’s not the first time Riverside County Animal Services responded to an activity involving a burro with piping – or something else attached to its hoof or body. In recent years, officers have removed a cone, a bucket and an arrow. Officers even responded to a burro in a hole and, thankfully, a nearby construction crew provided an excavator to create a makeshift, dirt ramp for the burro’s exit.

“We know these burros can be very curious and playful with random objects,” Field Services Commander Chris Mayer said. “Unfortunately, their curiosity can sometimes lead to these objects getting trapped on their hooves.”

Mayer said it is wonderful that DonkeyLand offers a sanctuary to allow injured burros a chance to heal.

“It is our understanding DonkeyLand has expanded with more acres for these burros to rehabilitate and live a safer life,” Mayer said. “That’s great news for these burros.”

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