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The following video (link below) offers up some good advice about how to properly keep your dogs on your property. We suspect these dogs were left unattended on a property with a long chain keeping them in place. (You’ll see the chain in this video.) The dogs eventually escaped and then, sadly, wrapped the chain around some boulders and entrapped themselves. The location of the boulders was in an unincorporated area of Riverside County near Perris.

Since completing this video, it is my understanding one of the two dogs has been reunited. We’re uncertain at this point why the second dog was not reunited, assuming it was the same owner’s two pets. I am trying to get information about that. Meanwhile, here’s the video:

Please note our officer rolled out to retrieve the dogs on Monday (Jan. 3). A few other projects delayed me pushing this out sooner. But we believe the message is still relevant.

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