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Sgt. Lesley Huennekens is featured in the clip handing off Buck to owner Greg Skeens, a resident of unincorporated Banning. (His property is up along Mais Canyon Road.)

Sgt. Huennekens visited Mr. Skeens earlier this week to ask if he needed any help with food or water with his animals. That’s when the officer learned of Mr. Skeens’ missing dog. He said the dog ran off during the Apple Fire as the fire closed in on the property and Buck chased away a coyote. The dog never returned, so Mr. Skeens presumed, sadly, his dog was attacked by a pack of coyotes and killed.

What’s your dog look like, the officer asked. He described the dog and the officer quickly told him: “We’ve got your dog!”

Buck had been found by Orange County-based firefighters who helped protect properties in the area, including Mr. Skeens’ home.  The dog was then handed off to Lt. Luis Rosa of Animal Services, who transported the dog to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus on Sunday.

Here’s the happy reunion:

Buck was the dog featured on an Instagram post (see link below) by an Orange County crew of firefighters after they discovered the wayward pooch. Here’s that link:

Instagram Post

We reunited Buck this afternoon. And Buck was super happy about that, as the video clip clearly illustrates.

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