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We received a lot of interest about a miniature horse we impounded while investigating an animal cruelty matter. We are providing some additional photos here (attached) and we’re happy to announce that the horse, named Max, has now been rehomed. 

The 10-year-old came to us as a stallion with very neglected hooves. We gelded Max and provided the much needed love and care to his hooves.

A concerned resident in Riverside contacted Riverside County Animal Services after discovering that the neglected animal appeared to be confined, reportedly, inside a “cage.” The investigation began in late June. An officer made contact with the owner and she showed the officer where the horse was kept. Max was inside a small, wooden shelter. The horse could turn around, but the officer noted that the space was very tight. The officer told the owner that Max needed a larger stall.

The officer issued a notice of violation that the animal needed to be examined by a licensed equine veterinarian for overgrown hooves. The officer inquired about the horse’s legs, which appeared to be deformed. The owner claimed the horse was “born that way” and “nothing could be done.”

Earlier this month, a second officer followed up on the activity and the owner still had not had the animal examined by a veterinarian. The owner claimed that she could not find a veterinarian to come out to her property.

The horse was going to be seized by Animal Services due to the lack of cooperation by the owner and a lack of urgency to get a veterinarian to examine the horse. Ultimately, the owner relinquished ownership of her pet earlier this week.

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