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This incident involves a burro with an arrow stuck to it; someone must have shot it; we will have photos and one short video clip.

Please bear in mind that the burro remains at large; we shot it with two tranquilizer darts but efforts to capture the wild burro were unsuccessful. The darts should have been enough and we are uncertain why they were not effective. It could have been a result of the animal being worked up earlier, prior to our arrival. We will be heading out Thursday morning (approximately 9:30 a.m.) to make another attempt to locate and capture the burro and safely transport the animal so it can receive veterinary care.

It should be noted that this terrible act of cruelty happened sometime during this weekend or earlier; we were alerted to the incident after someone posted a picture on a social media site. We did not actually receive an official call for service, but we reached out to our contact at the nonprofit organization, DonkeyLand, and the founder of that charitable organization confirmed the incident for us.

NOTE: Today the burro was spotted in the Reche Canyon area (near the Black Stallion Ranch).

The image above was captured by Riverside County Animal Services Officer Tiffany Fuller; as you will note, the arrow is no longer in the burro, but the injury is visible and our efforts to capture the burro is to make sure its medical care is achieved; we need to check to see if any pieces of the arrow are still embedded within the animal.

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