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MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016 – Riverside County Animal Services is pursuing arrest warrants for the owners of the dogs that were discovered in emaciated condition this week at a property near Lake Mathews last week.

Animal control officers impounded 27 dogs, many of them suffering from emaciated conditions and severe dehydration. Another 11 dogs had already died at the property. Those dogs were also removed by officers. An anonymous tip sparked the investigation on Tuesday (July 19) and led to the seizure of the dogs the following day (Wednesday, July 20).

The property on Avocado Lane, sandwiched between La Sierra Avenue and Greentree Drive, was a rental property. An Animal Services officer has interviewed the property owner and has requested documents from that owner to support the ongoing cruelty investigation.

Although Riverside County Animal Services is seeking two arrest warrants, one of the warrants is not immediately needed at this time. That’s because Carl Dixon, 48, (Date of birth: 6-15-1968) of Los Angeles, is in the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles facing allegations that he was trafficking illegal drugs. Mr. Dixon is believed to be the owner of the dogs. Mr. Dixon is being held without bail. Information regarding his custody status can be found here:


Mr. Dixon has been a public supporter of pit bulls and pit bull breeding. In fact, Mr. Dixon spoke at a Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting in opposition when an ordinance was proposed to regulate the reproduction of pit bulls and pit bull cross dogs.

During the public comments portion of the Board of Supervisors meeting in September 2013, Mr. Dixon asked the elected officials to have consideration for breeders that “conduct themselves in a responsible way.” A link to a recording of that Board of Supervisors meeting can be found here (Mr. Dixon begins speaking at about the 3 hour, 14- minute mark.):


Mr. Dixon is believed to be the man featured in a YouTube video, showing a pit bull hanging from a rope by its jaws; the title of the video is “PitBull Dancing.” The video is listed as having been posted by a Carl Dixon. Here is the link:

The second arrest warrant, although not yet obtained, is for Mr. Dixon’s wife, Kim Delagos. Riverside County Animal Services is seeking to interview Ms. Delagos. Her location is unknown. Anyone with information about the property, or has information about Ms. Delagos, is asked to contact Riverside County Animal Services at 951-358-7387 or send an e-mail to

Additional information: Of the 27 dogs impounded on Wednesday, one did not survive. The dog, a 9-year-old male, was described as exhibiting grave conditions upon evacuation from the property. An officer had to carry the dog into the San Jacinto shelter. The dog was immediately examined. Dr. Sara Strongin described the dog as “laterally recumbent,” meaning he was on his side and, she said, “he did not raise his head and did not respond to anything we were doing for him.”

Essentially, the dog was moribund upon arrival, suffering from extreme dehydration and probably organ failure.

“We got him over to the wet table and started to treat him,” Dr. Strongin said. “It was a matter of deciding if he should be euthanized, but he crashed so fast.”

All the other dogs, however, appear to be responding well to their treatment plans. The dogs range in ages from 8 months to 10 years (most are 3- to 4-year-olds) Some have had to be placed on fluids to assist with severe dehydration. And, the good news: most are starting to put on weight. 

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