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Tuesday, 21 March 2017 13:53

Skippy’s Health Did Not Improve

But the Stray Cat That Had Peanut Butter Container Stuck On its Head Gives Birth to Four Kittens

TUESDAY, March 21, 2017 – A cat saved from a peanut-butter-container predicament on Monday never recovered from her gravely ill situation. But she presented shelter employees with a surprise Tuesday morning.

Riverside County Animal Services officer Carra Mathewson responded to a concerned resident’s plea for assistance Monday afternoon. The resident, Alyssa Cline, and her nephew, discovered the cat in their yard with a plastic, peanut butter container stuck on its head.

Officer Mathewson used a handheld, mechanical tool to remove the jar without injuring the cat. Unfortunately, she discovered that the cat was badly infested with maggots and rushed the cat to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus where her veterinary colleagues examined and treated the cat. They nicknamed her Skippy.

Unfortunately, Skippy’s health continued to deteriorate. Despite her worsening condition, she gave birth to four kittens.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017 13:46

Peanut Bar Container Removed From Cat

Skinny Feline Now Receiving Veterinary Treatment

MONDAY, March 20, 2017 – A Riverside County Animal Services officer rescued a skinny cat that had got its head stuck inside a plastic peanut butter container.

Officer Carra Mathewson rushed to a home in the unincorporated community of Homeland Monday afternoon where she met with two concerned residents. One of the residents, Alyssa Cline, tried to use a pair of scissors on the thick container, but her scissors broke.

“The officer came in and saved the day,” Cline said in a telephone interview. “She got here so fast and she got that jar off like it was nothing.”

Ms. Cline, 23, said her nephew had initially spotted the cat near their property. “He told me, ‘look at this silly cat – it’s got its head stuck.’ I’m definitely an animal lover, so I wanted to help. I didn’t think it was cute. I need to get out and help that cat right away. I did not want the cat to die. I didn’t think it could hang on much longer.”

She and her nephew, Charlie Isaac Delarosa, managed to wrangle the cat and place it inside a crate in their garage of the home located on Ritter Avenue near McWade Avenue. That’s when Alyssa Cline tried to use her scissors to no avail. But Officer Mathewson showed up with some heavier-duty equipment she keeps at the ready: a Leatherman, multi-tool device.

Monday, 06 March 2017 19:27

Tire Shop Crew Rescue Dog from Drowning

Animal Control Officer Gets Great Help from Locals

FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 2017 – A Riverside tire shop crew played a major role in helping an animal control

officer save a dog from drowning on a rainy day earlier this week (Monday Feb. 27).

A crew member at CT (Cali Touch) Motorsports contacted Riverside County Animal Services after school children told them that a small dog slipped down a storm drain into a deep wash at the corner of Cypress Avenue and Wohlstetter Street.

Officer John Hergendreder arrived and immediately realized the situation was a tough one. The female Chihuahua was trapped on an island of debris inside the storm channel, but both sides of the wash had high safety fences. The walls of the wash were about 15 feet high and did not feature concrete ramps that would give him an easier way to reach the dog.

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